CONNECT Joins #CommunitiesAgainstHate, An Important Initiative of Open Society Foundations

CONNECT is pleased to be part of a major effort, joined by 11 national organizations to stop the surge in hate incidents through the Communities Against Hate initiative. The spread of hate across the U.S. is unacceptable, and we are eager to combat this trend and protect our vulnerable communities. Read about this important initiative at #CommunitiesAgainstHate

The Open Society Foundations has made grants to CONNECT and 47 local organizations with innovative ideas for addressing hate incidents in their neighborhoods. These grants, covering 23 states and Puerto Rico, support a wide range of affected communities and diverse approaches to countering hate and helping its victims. 

“We are stronger when we are united as communities against hate,” said Co-Executive Director Sally MacNichol. ”With the Open Society Foundations support, CONNECT is providing safe spaces for New Yorkers who have experienced, witnessed and/or belong to groups targeted for hate crimes to share their experiences, find validation and support, and collectively develop strategies for safety, self-care and ways to respond to hate crimes.”

“There has been a spike in hate crimes in New York City since the polarizing U.S. Presidential election last November,” said Co-Executive Director Quentin Walcott. “We must change the current narrative that is normalizing hate and actively protect the rights of those most vulnerable to hate incidents.”