Highlights from CONNECT Faith's work in 2013

Working at the intersection of Faith and Domestic Violence is a critical part CONNECT ‘s holistic approach to domestic violence prevention.

CONNECT Faith collaborates with New York City’s diverse faith communities to create and strengthen their response to gender and family violence. No one should have to choose between safety and their community of faith! 
 In 2013 CONNECT Faith
  • Helped over 60 religious leaders deepen their understanding of the theological, pastoral, and practical issues of domestic violence through our seminars, workshops and two day intensive trainings 
  • Hosted monthly interfaith theological roundtables supportive, safe and educational space to explore the spiritual and theological dimensions of intimate violence. 
  • Launched the Spiritual Alliance to Stop Intimate Violence SAIV NY —  a citywide coalition of people and communities of faith dedicated to confronting and ending domestic violence, rape child sexual abuse and all forms of intimate violence  — with our long time faith partner The Healing Center.
Without engaging, educating and empowering faith communities in the struggle to end gender and family violence, the vision of safe families and peaceful communities will not be realized! 
CONNECT Faith is making a difference for countless people who turn to their religious leader first for safety, support, and help with healing the spiritual wounds of abuse.

If you are interested in learning more about our faith work, please cemail connectfaith@connectnyc.org. Or join us for our monthly interfaith theological roundtable, held the third Thursday of the month.