Join Our Giving Circle: Support Ending Violence Every Day

CONNECT: 127 West 127th St, Room 432; New York, NY 10027

Transforming a culture of violence does not happen overnight, especially in a city as large and diverse as New York City. But, with your support, life-saving and healing change is occurring every single day.

For over fifteen years - that’s over five thousand days! - CONNECT’s mission has been to uproot and end violence. But this is not just an ideal. It’s our everyday work. And we see transformative change, up close, in countless ways: victims empowered to speak out, survivors who organize women’s support groups, men and youth who become allies, and bystanders who take a stance to end gender based violence.

If you share our vision of healthy relationships, safe families and peaceful communities, join the CONNECT Giving Circle and become a Sustaining Donor!