Alliance for the Safety of Animals and People

ASAP is a groundbreaking program aimed at raising awareness of the connection between violence against animals and people, and at preventing and eliminating both forms of abuse. CONNECT is the only prevention organization in New York City involved in such work.” — Susan Urban and Elaine Wolff, The Alliance for the Safety of Animals and People

Animal cruelty and abuse can be an indicator of domestic violence. According to the American Humane Organization (AHO), approximately 75 percent of women reporting domestic violence also reported that their partner had threatened and/or actually hurt or killed one or more of their pets. Further studies have documented that battered women often delay leaving abusive relationships out of fear for the safety of their pets.

As part of its all-encompassing approach to understanding the behaviors that can lead to domestic violence, CONNECT created the Alliance for Safety of Animals and People (ASAP) in 2007 at the request of A Kinder World Foundation (

ASAP seeks to:

• raise awareness among service providers of the well-documented link between animal cruelty and intimate partner violence, child abuse and family violence
• create model programs to serve the needs of women and children and their animals in abusive relationships
• establish pet-friendly shelters and foster care programs for pets of domestic violence victims forced out of their homes.

For more information about animal abuse, go to:
• The American Humane Society/PAWS
• The Linkage Project
• The Latham Foundation
• Amie’s Place Foundation
To find out how you can help, please contact Elaine Wolff or Susan Urban: