Community Empowerment Program

CONNECT recognizes the vital role of community involvement in preventing and ending domestic abuse. As part of its comprehensive approach to eliminating family violence, CONNECT established the Community Empowerment Program (CEP) to help local organizations across New York City respond to the needs of victims and survivors in their own communities. CONNECT has engaged almost 200 community partners in their efforts to eliminate domestic abuse.

CEP was one of the first programs of its kind in the United States to develop programs rooted in the community that enhance existing social infrastructures. Through CEP trains community-based organizations, faith-based groups and social service agencies throughout New York City in education and outreach, capacity-building and project assessment techniques.

Education and outreach programs include:

  • seminars and workshops on the social, legal, cultural and health aspects of domestic violence
  • staff training
  • events and forums for local residents to promote awareness of domestic violence in their communities

Capacity-building program include:

  • program design and development
  • technical assistance
  • fundraising strategies and grant proposal development
  • resource enhancement

Research and Evaluation programs include:

  • needs assessments
  • community surveys
  • focus groups
  • neighborhood profiles

CONNECT provides CEP tools and research to assist community organizations. A password is required to access this information. To obtain a password, please contact the Administrative Coordinator at (212) 683-0015 ext. 215.