CONNECT Training Institute

The CONNECT Training Institute (CTI) offers a series of intensive, specialized courses that give social service professionals, teachers, community members, advocates and activists a greater understanding of the dynamics of intimate violence. These targeted training sessions provide the tools to transform behavior and empower individuals in order to break the cycle of domestic violence.

Drawing on CONNECT’s well-recognized expertise, the courses provide help with developing community-based plans and programs. CTI’s training courses also offer guidance on creating self-care plans for managing the stress that often accompanies
working with victims, survivors and batterers.

CTI’s specialized trainings comprise a total of 48 hours conducted on a weekly or biweekly basis and culminate in a final project or practicum. Examples of courses include:

  • Understanding Domestic Violence: Essentials and Intersections, a 36-hour course that is a prerequisite for most CTI courses
  • Children Exposed to Violence, a 36-hour course on the techniques of working with children
  • Women’s Empowerment training, a 36-hour course on the techniques for empowering and healing victims, cultivating advocacy skills and creating a self-care plan to manage the stress of working with victims
  • Power of Transformation: Identifying and Overcoming Vicarious Trauma, an 18-hour course on creating a self-care plan to managing stress
  • Understanding Men Who Batter and Abuse/ Batterers Intervention, a 36-hour course on understanding male batterers and cultivating skills to effectively facilitate and counsel a male batterer’s group
  • Girls Empowerment, a 24-hour course in the techniques of empowering girls in their community

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