Coordinated Action Against Violence

The Coordinated Action Against Violence (CAAV) is a model early-intervention program developed in collaboration with the 23rd and 25th Police Precincts in East Harlem, the Police Service Area 5 (Housing Bureau), and the Crime Victim Treatment Center (CVTC) at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital.

CAAV advocates contact victims who have filed a Domestic Incident Report at those precincts to offer support, legal advocacy, crisis intervention and referrals for short-term and long-term counseling or other services as needed.

CAAV is staffed by highly trained legal advocates, interns and volunteers working under the supervision of the CONNECT staff attorney. CAAV provides assistance in:

  • filing for reimbursement through the Crime Victim Board
  • safety planning, emergency shelter and housing transfers
  • filing orders of protection
  • prosecution of the domestic violence perpetrator through the District Attorney’s office.



Legal Advocacy Helpline
Monday – Friday
9:30 am – 5:00 pm