I’ve known women in my professional and personal life who have been abused. And I always knew if it could happen to them it could happen to anyone. I’m proud of the work that CONNECT does. The commitment of CONNECT’s staff who are out there in the community is incredible. CONNECT goes deep into the community, where no one else goes. They get into the family dynamics behind closed doors and try to change the dynamics. They work with teens in New York City schools on early prevention programs that try to stop the violence before it happens, they raise awareness about the connection between animal cruelty and family violence, they counsel male abusers, and they work with important community resources like churches in new immigrant communities to teach them how to help their communities. They don’t go in like experts in a tower from Manhattan.” – Jan Alpert, member, CONNECT Board of Directors

Domestic violence is not a women’s problem or a men’s problem. It is a cultural and societal problem. As such, the solutions to prevent and eliminate domestic abuse must be diverse, multi-dimensional and comprehensive. CONNECT’s programs are based on a holistic approach that incorporates early intervention, community involvement, legal advocacy, batterer intervention and accountability and support for victims and survivors.

CONNECT’s multi-level approaches deal with both the systemic and individual roots of violence. Through its extensive programs in New York City, CONNECT

  • transforms individual attitudes, beliefs and behaviors
  • partners with community-based organizations (CBOs) to develop anti-violence
    messages and campaigns throughout the five boroughs
  • partners with local police, schools and businesses to address the issues of
    domestic, family and workplace violence
  • provides legal assistance to individuals, especially immigrants

CONNECT offers assistance to women, men, immigrants, youth, elders, lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and/or transgendered persons.

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