I am grateful to be a part of CONNECT FAITH because it provides vital resources to faith communities in need and teaches clergy and leadership how to make their communities into safe spaces for all who are impacted by intimate partner violence.” -– Leigh Murname, volunteer

Communities of faith and their leaders have the potential to play a significant role in helping to prevent and eliminate family violence. Envisioning a city where safe families and peaceful communities can flourish, CONNECT Faith is committed to working in collaboration with New York City’s diverse faith communities to create and strengthen their response to gender and family violence. Make your community a sanctuary of safety, justice and healing for all! 

CONNECT Faith offers:

  • Customized training programs for clergy, seminarians, members of faith-based communities and lay leaders
  • Assistance in developing religious and culturally relevant programs and policies to respond effectively to domestic violence
  • Referrals for faith-based counseling for victims, survivors, perpetrators and bystanders
  • Training for secular advocates and agencies in effective ways of addressing a client’s religious and spiritual concerns
  • The monthly Interfaith Theological Roundtable is an ongoing supportive, educational and healing space to discuss challenges of intervention and prevention in a faith based context. It meets every third Thursday of the month. All are welcome.
CONNECT also hosts the Ending Child Sexual Abuse Faith Collaborative and has launched a new project - Safe Faith Communities: an 11-month process that focuses on policy development, training, education and utilizing resources to become a proactive faith community that prevents child sexual abuse.
Check out this Huffington Post article featuring our work: Rabbis, Sheikhs, Kadis, Imams and Priests Say No to Domestic Violence.

For more information about CONNECT Faith, please contact: 

Sally MacNichol
212.683.0015 ext. 216

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